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Pinnacle Athletic Campus is committed to providing baseball lovers with programs designed to enhance their learning and love for the sport. With both state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor facilities, as well as experienced instructors, Pinnacle Athletic Campus offers the peak of opportunity for your baseball performance.

Pinnacle Baseball Academy

Designed to improve skills in and out of season, our 6-week Baseball Academy will cover the fundamentals of hitting, fielding, and throwing. Players from every level will break down the proper technique of the swing, including the set-up, positioning of the stance, load, separation, and sequence of the swing. This program is taught by instructors who are former college and professional players, teaching from experience, love, and passion for the game!

If you have any other questions regarding our Baseball Academy, or Travel Baseball Program, please feel free to contact Director of Baseball, Chris Culver at, or our Travel Team Coordinator, Evan Ryan, at

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Pinnacle Baseball Pitching Academy

Improve your accuracy and gain velocity with Pitching Academy, a 6-week program that teaches these basics of pitching:

  1. Balance Point
  2. Extension
  3. Plant Foot
  1. Release Point
  2. Follow Through
  3. Hand Placement
In addition, we will cover pick-off moves, PFP’s, and a pitching philosophy on how to read batters at the plate. If you have any other questions regarding the Pitching Academy or would like more information about our Summer Travel Teams, please contact Evan Ryan at

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