Power Vinyasa: A powerful, energetic form of yoga . Students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting their breathing to their movements, building strength and stamina.

Boxing: Boxing moves mixed with martial arts using heavy bags. Jab, punch and kick your way to a stronger you! *Gloves are required.

Cardio Power: A combination of high intensity cardio blended with body weight and free weight exercises.  

Cycle & Sculpt: Blends fierce riding with a total body-shred from various forms of high-intensity weighted and cardio exercises.

*Cycle HIIT: Get your high intensity interval training without the impact in 45 minutes!


Bootcamp: Done in circuit training fashion, this high-intensity class uses battle ropes, plyo boxes, ropes, kettle bells, and more to bring your workout to the next level. This workout will test your limits to achieve unparalleled results!

Tabata Bootcamp: 20 seconds on/10 seconds off! Boot camp style!

HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training! High intensity moves followed by periods of rest. Move from intense bursts of cardio to muscle conditioning moves (some classes are specified with a upper or lower body focus).


Yoga: We offer a version for any level of experience. Basics: fundamental poses and focus on form. Vinyasa: intermediate/advanced- faster paced. Candlelight Yoga: restorative yoga to get your zen on.

Focus: Anything goes as long as it's the body part on the schedule that day. One day we will work your upper body, the next lower body. Maximize your workout, while giving other body parts recovery time. 

Pump It Up: Strengthen and tone using barbells and dumbbells. Test your strength and endurance! A challenging total body workout that feels like you’re training one-on-one with a private trainer. 

Play Ball: Using a medicine ball with body weight, this is a head to toe functional training workout! Focus on core conditioning, strength, and cardiovascular exercise.

TRX MB Blast: TRX meets medicine balls! Each participant will be put through a rotation of low and high impact exercises, giving you the full-body workout everyone desires!

Cycling: An intense cardio workout catering to participants of all fitness levels. A certified instructor will lead you through a challenging series of courses to maximize caloric burn. The best part is that you control your resistance and speed, allowing you to continuously progress!

Cycle & Sculpt: Blends fierce riding with a total body-shred from various forms of high-intensity weighted and cardio exercises.

TEENS/KIDS (Ages 8-16)

*Elevate: Ages 8-11. Sports performance-driven workout to get kids excited about staying active! (45 min)