The Pinnacle Lacrosse program offers a year-round training program aimed at providing players
with the best opportunity to play at the next level. Pinnacle Lacrosse Program focuses on both
individual player skill development (Pinnacle Positional Development Academy) as well as
learning team concepts (Pinnacle Youth Lacrosse Teams).  The focus is not only on lacrosse. 
Players are mentored, and provided guidance on life-lessons that directly parallel their
academic and athletic experiences as “student-athletes”, while keeping the common goal of producing better lacrosse players.
At Pinnacle Lacrosse, we believe each player must possess the highest level of lacrosse skills
and lacrosse IQ.  Our training focuses on the individual player and their skill set in a specific
position. Attackman, midfielder, defenseman, and goalies will work in small groups, with
coaches who specialize in that particular position.  Our intense training and proven coaching
techniques will elevate each player’s game to the next level.
We designed a system aimed to keep your kids together as they progress throughout their
lacrosse career. Starting from entry level youth programs through varsity programs and even
into their college career. It’s a program design to improve individual lacrosse players no matter
what their age is. When you sign up for the Pinnacle Lacrosse, your program will be designed
for your individual child, making them the BEST lacrosse player on the field. Preparing them to
play at the next level!
To separate Pinnacle Lacrosse even further than the competition, I have our Sports
performance program at my disposal. Pinnacle Sports Performance, a NASM certified strength
and conditioning program, BOC certified athletic trainers, ACSM certified health and fitness
specialists, with a degrees in exercise physiology and athletic training. The combination of
Pinnacle Lacrosse and Pinnacle Sports Performance will help provide the best opportunity for growth in your student-athlete.

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lacrosse ACADEMY

  • Development program for ages 5-18
  • Designed to improve skills on/off season
  • Players have fun while developing their skills and knowledge of the game 
  • High paced with an emphasis on FOCUS and FUNDAMENTALS
  • Open to players from every level, whether or not they are part of an existing team or program
  • Instructors are former college and professional players who teach from experience, love, and passion for the game! 


The Pinnacle Athletic's Lacrosse Staff is available for customized private instruction.

 To inquire about private Lacrosse instruction, please contact or call 585-433-2930