Our holistic approach to training and career development covers all training needs for athletes including speed, agility, power, strength, and flexibility.

Each Pinnacle Sport Performance session uses a unique blend of training means, methods, and
training loads to cause performance adaptations that enforce unconscious competence.
Our goal is to build a more powerful athlete through proper progressions that emphasizes
functional movement patterns. On top of conditioning the athlete to a new level. Our sport
performance sessions will enhance sport-specific movements, increase linear speed, agility, and
reaction time.

Pre-testing and post-testing data is captured each training block to set a standard for the athlete
and track improvement throughout the program.

Our training regimen is adopted from Ignition APG and has been scientifically proven by data
analytics and years of demonstration to yield drastic results in many athletes from some of the
top schools in the nation at the high school and collegiate level as well as the pros! Training is
customized towards the need of the athlete, the sport he or she plays, and even as defined as their
position in that sport.